Traditional Watercolours by Phil Biggs
Traditional Watercolours by Phil Biggs

Photographing Your House

Try to get good lighting

Choose a bright day with a nice mix of blue sky and clouds, you may have noticed I do like some clouds in the sky of my pictures!


Watch for the angle of the sun. Generally, a low angle, morning and afternoon gives a better light and the direction of the sun needs to cast some shadows on the house to help model its shape and texture.


Try to compose the photograph so as to include some of the house surroundings, maybe include the garden or some background trees.

I can remove things like lamposts if required!

Use trees and hedges to mask neighbor's sheds and houses if you can and don't forget I will be painting a picture so artistic licence can be applied to move trees around to aid the composition.


Look for shadows falling across the building which can add to the mood of the picture and nice shadows on the roof from dormers and so on.  If neccessary take photos in the morning and then in the evening and pick the best or send them all to me, I may be able to advise.


You can send your photographs to me, with your order, by email or post to the address on the left. 




I am always keen to take on commissions of any landscape or architectural subject.



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